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A trade license (known as a ŽIVNO) entitles you to be self-employed or work as freelancer in the trades listed in the Trade Licensing Act. A trade license is also referred to as an “IČO business” or “OSVČ” (or in other words, a “sole proprietorship”, “sole tradership”, or “entrepreneurship”).

This is, of course, not the only way for you to run a business in the Czech Republic, but it is nevertheless the most common format, especially for new start-ups, both in terms of ease of set-up and the costs involved. You’ll need this license if you’re an English teacher, translator, or providing IT or marketing services, for example.

For reporting trades referred to as a “volná živnost” (or “free trade”), there are no professional qualifications required. This form of trade currently includes over 80 different activities to choose from as your area(s) of activity.

There is a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork involved, but nothing we can’t handle! We can manage everything with a power of attorney so you won’t have to deal with the authorities yourself.

Obtaining a trade license usually takes between 1 and 3 business days.

What we need to apply for your trade license:

pRICE: 7000 CZK

Our price includes: