EU citizens


Replacing a foreign driver’s license with a Czech one. 

EU citizens who hold a driver’s license issued by another EU Member State are not obliged to exchange their driver’s license for a Czech one, regardless of their type of stay in the Czech Republic and its duration. However, if you wish to exchange your license for a Czech one, you must be habitually resident in the Czech Republic. 

To do this, you will need to provide documents proving your presence in the Czech Republic for at least the last 180 days. Your original driver’s license is then sent to the state where the license was issued.

To replace your driver’s license, you will need:

Your new driver’s license will be issued within 20 days. For a rush-order fee, you can also expedite your request and have your new driver’s license issued within 5 business days.

Fee for exchanging or replacing your driver’s license:

STANDARD: 200 CZK (issuance within 20 days) 

RUSH ORDER: 700 CZK (expedited issuance within 5 working days)

pRICE: 3500 CZK

Our price includes: