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If you are legally residing in the Czech Republic, regardless of it being on a visa or residence permit, it is your responsibility to ensure your passport or national ID card is up-to-date as your travel document is linked to your stay. 

Whether your travel document is expired or lost, it’s important you apply for a new passport or ID card from your home country and report your new passport or ID number to the MOI, otherwise you risk getting hit with a hefty fine. The longer you wait to report a travel document change, the worse it could be for you.

If you need to report a change or failed to report a change in a timely manner, we can help. Contact us and we will fill out a Report Changes form for you and accompany you to the MOI. You must show the officer at the MOI your new passport or ID card in person so they can enter in the new details.

We have a good rapport with officers at the MOI. Should the officer dealing with your passport or ID card change feel inclined to issue a fine, we will do our best to convince the officer otherwise, or at least convince them to issue the lowest possible fine. Fines in this case are paid for in cash, not currency stamps.

pRICE: 2900 CZK