EU citizens


If you have a trade license, are self-employed, are a sole proprietor (OSVČ), or are running a business in the Czech Republic, then you must file a Czech tax return every year and pay taxes.

Your income as a natural person as defined by law is subject to proper taxation. The general deadline for filing your Czech tax return is in the Spring, usually by April 1st, though this deadline may vary from year to year. 

Upon request, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out where you will include all the information needed to complete your tax return. We will then forward your completed questionnaire to our accountant who will fill out your return for you.

Upon completion, we can file (or e-file) your tax return on your behalf, as well as your annual reports to the social security administration and your health insurance company. 

Stay on TOP of your taxes. Contact TOP Visa to get your tax return in order.

(Please note:  We do not do US taxes. If you are an American citizen living in the Czech Republic, not only will you have to file and pay taxes to “Uncle Honza”, but you will also have to file a US tax return and you may or may not owe taxes to “Uncle Sam” as well, depending on your situation. The Czech Republic has residence-based taxation (RBT) while the United States has citizenship-based taxation (CBT). If you are self-employed in the Czech Republic, you will not have to pay self-employment tax to the United States so long as your income is below roughly $100,000 dollars per annum AND you are a part of the Czech social security system. If you have more than $10,000 in one non-US bank account or a total of $10,000 across multiple non-US bank accounts at any given time throughout the year, then you must file an FBAR to the US Financial Crimes and Enforcement Network (FinCEN) or risk penalties of up to $10,000 or more for failure to file. We cannot advise further than that on US taxes and we recommend you find a US tax accountant who specializes in expat taxes and who understands the totalization agreement between the IRS and the Czech Republic.

pRICE: 3800 CZK