non-EU citizens


Is your residency period running out and you need a “TOP-up?” Top Visa is here to save the day! 

You can apply for your initial long-term residence permit, or extend it, directly in the Czech Republic so long as you have been residing here on a previous long-term visa or long-term residence permit. This can be done, at the earliest, 120 days before your current visa or residence permit expires or up until the last day your visa/residence permit is valid.*

(*Please Note: We do NOT advise waiting until the last day your visa/permit is valid for you to apply for, or extend, your long-term residence permit in case an unforeseen event occurs that could prevent you from showing up in person to apply. Failure to apply for a permit in time could result in your continuous residence period being interrupted and your countdown to apply for permanent residence (5 years) and citizenship (10 years) starting over from scratch.)

No need to break a sweat! We’ve got you covered! We can represent you throughout the entire application process on the basis of a power of attorney and take full control over the bureaucracy so you can avoid any unnecessary stress. 

This application is lodged in person at the branch office of the Ministry of the Interior in your jurisdiction. Your physical presence is required when applying for your very first long-term residence permit. 

When renewing a long-term residence permit, we are able to lodge your application for you with a power of attorney. In such a case, your physical presence is not required until your application is approved. You will then be invited to come to the MOI in person to provide your biometric data and later to collect your biometric card.

Documents needed to apply:

pRICE: 9 500 - 13 500 CZK

Our price includes: